Today, while taking a well needed break in my sunny, concrete courtyard my friend and peer Tyler sent me a beautifully descriptive and comical example of some Musical D.A.W (Digital Audio Workstation) terms and what they mean, if you’re new to the game, or just fancy having a refresher, this may be helpful to you.

This content is not created by either of us but I’m afraid there was no definitive place of origin, that I could find, however,  the information is very helpful and I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Saturation – Make sound fat

Distortion – Saturation but x10

Reverb – Cool room effect

Delay – Echo FM (Frequency modulation) – wub wub

Transient – Clicky/punchy part of the drum right at the start

Compress – Squash or expand frequencies in a sound to make it overall louder or quieter

EQ – Equalization, adjusting frequencies on a sound

Dynamics – Generally the difference in volume between sounds. Heavily compressed = less dynamics

Limiter – Stops sound from digitally/analogue clipping

Mixing – Mixing and adjusting sounds to create an equal and clean project

Mastering – Achieving loudness and making it sound fucking sick

Lead – A synth with less bass frequencies (0-150hZ) think electric guitar so 500Hz upwards?

Bass – Dominantly 0-150hZ

Sub – Below 90Hz big boomy chest sex noise that makes people go “wow yes nice bass”

Percussion/Hats – Cool high freq sounds 5kHz+ hi-hats and one shot etc or foley

Wet – Processed with FX (Reverb, Delay, compressed) and ready for action

Dry – Not processed and not in the mood (no FX)

Despite the humorous undertones, I know there were some terms that I was familiar with but didn’t really understand fully until now, I hope you have a similar experience.


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